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About me


Portrait art, figurative art, "genre" and expressionism .  My work embraces all these descriptions. I describe myself as a expressionist artist who depicts living things.  I use real life only as a "point of departure" and then let my vision take me where it wants me to go. The result is something more than a photograph can reveal. Frank himself has said about Big Frank,  "He looks more like me than I do."

I find the idea of a "mission statement" a little off the mark. Such a description suggests to me the painted work can be  subordinate to its own description. I can only talk about what I like to paint and my approach.  I go after my first impression and then add color to it until it lights up.


Stylized, yet revealing, (or maybe stylized, therefore revealing) my images resonate with the presonality of the person portrayed and give you much more than a mere sizing up of face hands, and body.  The viewer is left feeling he knows that person.   My images "pull you in" and "take you there."  

I spent most of my life in Central California and now live in the Bay Area. 

I have sold many portrait comissions as well as fine art "off the wall" so to speak .  My work has been featured in exhibitions throught the Bay Area, the East Bay, and the Silicon Valley.


Big Frank.

Purchased by Manos  Nouveu, French/Mezo-American fine dining in San  Francisco.

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